Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Inspiration

{Country Home}
Isn't this lovely?  Maybe because I love Red! 
{Country Living}
Then there's neutrals and very cool gourd shapes. 
{Country Living}
Clever place cards.
{Martha Stewart}
I use to be able to go pick my own bittersweet every year.  It's times like these I miss the East Coast.  


  1. Oh I especially like the first picture. :o) I love red too, but also the simplicity of the arrangement. :o)
    Have a great week.
    Sincerely - Trish

  2. Oh those gourds in the window with all the glass got my heart racing. beautiful

  3. I love red too...have to have a bit of it in almost every room in the house.

    I've never grown bittersweet...but I live in the NE, so maybe I'll give it a go next year.

    Love the autumnyness of your post!


  4. They are all lovely. Thanks for finding them and sharing them. :)

  5. I am loving the neutral colored gourds, I think because they go better with my home. But you have to love good old fashion orange pumpkins!


  6. the red frame that photo is wonderful!!!

  7. oh I am so excited to do fall in my home....I jsut brought home some pumpkins!

    That first image is amazing! xoxoxo

  8. Pretty pictures! I have lots of pepper berries on one of my trees that (from the picture you posted) look similar to the bittersweet...just not as red. I'd be happy to bring you some on Thursday if you want any. I have a vase of them in my house. They're so pretty.

    Oh...and I was going to send you a message about pumpkins I saw at Trader Joe's yesterday. Have you seen them? They're so cool! Some of them are similar to the ones in the center picture at the top of your blog. So pretty! Other's have strange texture on them that make them kind of creepy...made me think of Martha Stewart and some of the things she finds and uses for Fall decorating. They're all so different than regular grocery store pumpkins.

  9. The gourd shots from CL & MS are amazing, thanks for the inspiring new decorating ideas.


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