Monday, August 2, 2010


Home is where the heart is.  These days that really rings true around here.  We've begun living in two places.  Because of my DH's job change, we've rented a one bedroom apartment to live in during the week, at least the weeks that he's in town.  I'm trying to keep it simple, but still make it homey and comfortable.  These pictures are not of our apartment, but are pictures for inspiration.
I had a bench for a coffee table in our first house.  Maybe I'll go back to that idea.  I really love the tall topiary.  It gives a little life and structure to the room.
{kate forman}
I'm working with a pretty neutral color palette, except for red.  My favorite, you know. I actually bought the lampshades below.  The local Pottery Barn had a table/floor lamp combination that was perfect for our tiny space.  
{pottery barn}
{pottery barn}
There is no art on the walls yet.  I'm trying to keep it bright and airy. There is a lot of sunshine, which is a plus for me.
{pottery barn}
I have some similar wall shelves that would make good storage.
Tables like these would be versatile.  I'll show you how we're doing as it unfolds.


  1. gosh, it sounds like change is a happening. wherever you live, i am sure it will be homey. good luck with all of far away is the apartment?

  2. Instant gratification to have a place small enough to decorate quickly with a few well chosen pieces. Especially love the living room(?)with skylight. Look forward to seeing your take on these simple room, Karen.

  3. Beautiful images, sure to inspire you as you decorate your new, part time home.

  4. I am really relating to this right now. Again in a temporary space for me as you know. I find peace and comfort in neutral pallettes with pops of color. I see where your going and of course you must have your red. I have never seen, shockingly, those pottery barn lamps and shades. I'm looking forward to seeing how you inject your style into this little home away from home.


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