Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40 Years in the Making

I'm so excited about this little room, that I don't care if it's not perfectly decorated yet. I've been officially sewing since I was in the 7th grade. That was A LONG time ago. I have never had my own sewing room. I've sewn on the kitchen table, in the Master Bedroom, in a big closet. All over the place, but never my own room. Finally, here it is! At this point things are just piled up in here. I have a long way to go with the organization. But, just since Sunday, I've already done some mending and started a new project! 
I've got a lot to work with, though.  This was our guest room that I previously posted here.  I have vintage curtains, and pretty rose paintings; four are real, two are Home Goods.  Now I've got to rearrange them around my new needs. I have fun plans for this little floor lamp.  My daughter's IKEA desk works for now, till she needs it back.  
I can get my Serger off the bookshelf soon. The bolster project will be finished this week!

This little guy likes his new digs.  Please ignore the dirty window. Yikes!
I have a lovely view when I'm sewing.

And my wonderful Pandora radio station keeps me company.
So does Buddy. 
Here's a hint of my next project.


  1. Didn't you have a sewing room in Boston?

  2. you go wonderful to have your own space!! and the view!! wow. o.k. i can not wait to see what you are going to make with those spectacular fabrics??
    take care,
    erin (my windows are dirty too)

  3. Yea! Congratulations!
    An entire room... now that is extremely exciting!
    I love the little dog... oh and Buddy too!:) He looks like a real sweat heart.


  4. Yay! Congratulations on finally getting your own special place to craft. How exciting! And...a view too?! That's so cool! Buddy is sooo cute! I love those fabrics!

  5. Ah! a room of one's own, is just perfect.
    I have a room up in the attics that I keep just for my scrapbooking projects, it's great to be able to leave everything on the table and not have to clear things away before a page is finished.

  6. Back when I was serious about sewing would have given eye teeth for a room where everything could be left out and worked on when the spirit moves. Look forward to the "it's finished" tour. Hey Buddy!

  7. HI Karen
    Well you must be excited to have your own sewing space... you'll be whipping up new creation with ease now! Fabulous that you have views too.. I am really missing that at present..

    thanks for popping by.. i have been all over the place the last few months.. health, moving and internet issues... hanging in there.. toe and all!!!

    xxx Julie

  8. Love your "ME" room...I can't wait for mine. We are house shopping and one of the things on my list is a studio just for me!

    Happy weekend my friend. xoxoxoxo


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