Monday, June 21, 2010

Adriatic - Day Two

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the obligatory life vest attire and emergency evacuation rehearsal.  But, it is ever so important that we all know which little boat to get on, just in case.  
As we were getting ready to set sail, we had to wait for these big fellas to get out of the way.  Huge and I mean huge!  Lots and lots of people.  We are all actually standing on our deck as they go by.  I think I prefer the little yacht, myself.  Including staff we totaled 371 on board.  Very nice indeed.
Our first day was at sea, meaning we didn't stop at a port.  It was really lovely to be able to just relax the first day.  We saw lots of beautiful scenery and lovely, quaint villages.  
Beautiful little lighthouses.
Church steeples and grand mountains! Tomorrow we'll be in Kotor, Montenegro!


  1. Beautiful scenery, Karen! I wouldn't want to lose sight of land, cruise~chicken that I am!


  2. This is soooo dreamy. Keep sharing. I'm enjoying the pics

  3. Absolutely stunning photos! I can't even imagine what a wonderful trip this must have been. I look forward to seeing more of your trip! Be blessed!


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