Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adriatic - Day Five and Six

Our next stop was Zadar, Croatia.  We visited a monastery and an ancient Roman church.  The most amazing thing is the Sea Organ.  Some very ingenious architect designed these steps with pipes underneath.  When the waves hit the steps, sounds come up out of the spaces and you can hear music. Literally, music.  People just sit all along these steps just to take it in.  Plus, there's an incredible view.
They also have these amazing solar panels that light up when it gets dark that reflects our solar system.  We were gone too early to see it.  I bet it's fantastic.  This Daddy was letting his little boy get out all his energy.  It was exhausting watching him run around and around and around.
You can see the organ "keys" made along the back ledge.  The music comes from the concrete steps along the water.  We had "operator error" with our camera this day, so all our pictures are from the ship. We rushed upstairs to take pictures when we figured out what we'd done wrong.  
Then on to Koper, Slovenia where we toured the Santomas Winery.

We were served a 5 course lunch!  The chefs made the risotto outside while we watched.
We had young men playing traditional music and our tour guides showed us a little dance.
Later we had yet another reception off the ship and took pictures on our way back.
The musicians were still playing as they packed up their little car.  They obviously love what they do.


  1. I'm loving being on vacation with you! Those solar panels and organ steps are amazing - both are so creative. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful sights.

  2. That would have been so neat to hear the sea organ! Never heard of anything like that. Amazing!

  3. oh dearest karen, that "sea organ" sounds incredible...i have never heard of such a thing. my fave picture is of the cute couple (second from the bottom).

    hope you are enjoying your weekend and have settled back into reality,


  4. Wow! That sea organ sounds awesome! And your trip does too! How fun! :-)


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