Monday, May 24, 2010

Quilted Mouse Pads

After I recently joined in on a swap for quilted hot pads, I have a little bug to do some more teeny tiny quilts.  I've thought about making some coasters, which I really need.  In the last day or so, I also came across a fun idea to make a quilted mouse pad out of fabric scraps.  I can't remember where I saw it and I evidently didn't save it, which is very frustrating.  I searched for similar ideas and found this tutorial for a fun mousepad.  You can buy several like the one below at, but that defeats the purpose of using up scraps. While I can't find the post anywhere, I came across instructions for the beautiful coasters above from Martha here.

I'm going to add these to my list of projects.  I really need to make a list. 


  1. What a cute idea for a fun, quick and useful project. :-D

  2. Love Martha's color combo. I wonder if those tumblers are from her collections? Great for iced tea. Speaking of mini quilts, my 86 year old aunt learned to quilt by making doll quilts. She still has a couple of them. What treasures.

  3. What a cute idea! You could use up all those little fabric pieces for lovely little coasters. My mind is running now!

  4. what a great idea mine are always so gross, love the idea!


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