Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Invisible Creativity

I received a lovely gift card from my son-in-law and daughter for my birthday.  I decided I needed yet another of Martha's great books.  I love being creative and have saved who-knows-how-many of her past magazines.  After going through this beautiful book, looks like I can recycle quite a bit of them.  I should just start a Project List of things I'd like to make.  It would be seriously long and probably take me the rest of my life to complete.  This is not counting all the future inspiration I might get from the fabulous blogosphere.  
I have been a little creative so far this week.  But there's not much to show for it.  I've done a little gardening.  Most of what I've done has been behind the scenes on my computer.  I have started working from home a little on a project for work.  It does take creativity and has been fun, but not much fun to blog about.  I have, however, learned a lot about editing my photos and writing.  Writing is certainly not my strength.  This project does make me more aware of the way things are said and presented. So, it's all about the learning process and getting better at what I'm doing.  

I thought I'd show you some photos from The Farmer's Wife where I work.  Since I've been creating for them the last few days.  What have you been learning lately?


  1. It looks like you have a very creative job! And I wish I could say that I have been out gardening but I haven't even started!! Your flowers look wonderful!!

    No matter what people say, I love Martha. She is such a talented, multifaceted woman! The book looks good!

    Have a fantastic day, Karen!


  2. Oh my goodness...those hand towels are simply too cute!

    What a fun book, you will really enjoy flipping through the pages. :o)

    Truly, I learn something new every day ... take for instance today ... I had to weed my garden. I learned how to use my hoe and also realized that next year I will be planting my rows a whole lot further apart. :o) I am new in the vegetable garden category. Can you tell?

    Hoping that you are having a wonderful day.

    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  3. Do you leave with a paycheck? what a lovely place to work,surrounded with such beauty!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. I've been busy in the garden, too! Darn old weeds!


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