Sunday, May 9, 2010


Usually when you read the title Graceful, you'd assume that I probably fell and broke my leg. Or maybe I'm referring to a ballet dancer.  Not this time. This is a tribute to Mom. She is the most Grace full woman I know. She taught me to always try to look at someone else's perspective. Grace giving was second nature to her.  Maybe it was because of the road she traveled growing up.  It wasn't easy.  
She has devoted her life to Jesus Christ.  She has lived an amazing life, full of ministry and friends.  I am grateful that she is my Mother. I love you Mom!


  1. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. Happy Mother's Day, Karen!


  2. What an amazing Mother you have...I also have an incredible Mother maybe because Jesus never left the center stage in our home,and how blessed we have been through his ever presence in our lives.
    Just as you are a wonderful Mother through the loving example you have had!I pray I'm doing the same, some days their fighting drives me crazy though.
    p.s.your pot holders were super cute.

  3. Wow, Karen - Thank you for such a wonderful tribute. I'm glad you've forgotten all the 'wish I had dones'. You are just as amazing. I love you! Mom

  4. what a wonderful tribute to your dear mother. happy mothers day to you!

  5. Hi Karen,
    What a great tribute to your mother. My mother is the same way. Unwavering faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior and she lives every day for him. I hope I can be half the example she is!


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