Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mantles and Muffins

I decided my mantle needed some reworking since it still seriously resembled Christmas.  I really like all my candle sticks, so I didn't really want to change them out.  I decided to just add and subtract a little bit here and there and think it looks much more seasonal now.  I love my G. Harvey picture, but may try to come up with something different for the Spring and Summer months.  I have an idea. . . 
I visited Country Roads last weekend. I bought the cute little pewter sugar and creamer on the mantle and the little blue bird salt and pepper shakers below.
I think they look cute with my wedding china that is 30 years old.  
I had my knitting group over this morning.  We meet weekly in a local coffee shop.  It thought it would be nice to host them this week.  So I made some extra special goodies.  Our family's all time favorite muffins are Chocolate Chip Muffins.  
It's the topping that makes the difference; brown sugar, cocoa, flour, butter and chocolate chips.  Yessiree!

Mixed with a little fresh fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Fantastic!  I'm having it for breakfast AND lunch today.  Shhh, don't tell.  It will be our secret.

* I'm linking to Cindy at Romantic Home for her Show and Tell Friday.  Check out the other great posts.  


  1. love your new little treasures! I sure hope you saved me one of those muffins and a bit of fruit salad :)

  2. Your mantel looks fabulous! So many interesting pieces to look at. I love that look! I also like your wedding china. The blue birds really pick up on the soft color. Your vignette with is great!

    The muffins look so tempting. I truly gave up baking until I lose a few is seriously too hard to stick with just a taste! ;-)


  3. Thanks, Karen! Everything was fabulous! I really enjoyed seeing your home and all the beautiful things that fill it...Buddy included! :-D

  4. i could get fat just looking at those glorious muffins...mantel looks great, sweety.....i'll catch up with you next week. :0)

  5. I need that muffin..bad!!!
    I love the mantle & the birds..lucky, lucky find!!!

  6. weren't we talking about those muffins yesterday??? you did this to make me drool. not fair!

  7. Wow, your newly decorated mantel is just lovely. I think you did the right things keeping those stunning candle holders there-they are so pretty.

    Best wishes,

  8. Ohhhhhhhh, thank you for the special muffin treat. Delicious.
    And your mantel is simply wonderful.

    My New Doll -my Show n Tell. I would really enjoy your company if you can drop by to visit me. Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!

  9. The mantlepiece looks charming with the blue birds, blue candels and butterflies.
    That muffin looks seriuosly good too, I could almost taste it.

  10. Your mantle looks beautiful, so fresh and springy! Thanks for coming by.

  11. I need the recipe! Those look muffins look fabulous! Ps...your mantel looks great too!


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