Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five Minute Craft Project

I went to the thrift store yesterday with two projects in mind.  I thought I'd show you the first one today. I found two of these pretty dessert plates.  Its seriously difficult to find pretty plates in our area for some reason.  Nobody has pretty dishes, or maybe they do now, but they get rid of UGLY ones.  So, I scored for $3 a piece.
I bought two glass candle sticks.  I wanted different sizes.  These were $2.35 a piece. 
Next you need your smelly, strong E-6000 glue.
You can actually trace a circle with a pencil around the candle stick onto the bottom of the plate.
Follow the directions on the glue and let them sit for 2 to 3 days to cure.
Didn't these turn out adorable?  Cute little door prizes for our big Birthday Party we're throwing next week. I don't think any of the attendees read my blog, except for KS. And she's helping me plan.  
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  1. I absolutely love this idea! I am always on the lookout for pedastel dishes and they can be pricey...this means you can make whatever size and pattern you need :)

  2. I have to try this, Karen. The plates are beautiful!


  3. Very cute idea! I just picked up some clear glass candlesticks...will have to try this..
    Thanks for the detailed instructions and inspiration..

  4. What a cute idea and easy too! I may have to try this someday. I have several of those candlesticks in various sizes. But, like you said, cute plates are hard to find around here. Isn't that weird?! It's one of the things I always look for in thrift and antique stores.

  5. Oh my goodness, how darling!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  6. Just beautiful! A great idea, thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Hi Karen B... These turned out great!... You found some lovely plates!

  8. What a fun idea, they look great!

  9. Oh I just love these little stands! I make them for my flea market booths because I love to stack teapots and what nots on top. I love the plates you found. If you have a moment please stop by and visit, I am having a teapot giveaway for the month of April.
    Hugs and happy shabbing,

  10. That's a really good idea, and inexpensive!

  11. Great job! I got the supplies to make one, but have not done it yet.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Very cute! My mother-in-law made one like this for me and I love it!

  13. What a fantastic idea. Your stands look so very beautiful. I love your blog, I really love the picture of your mother and you! I am a new follower and will be back soon. Hope you have a chance to come say hello.


  14. we actually have tons of great thrifts with TONS of dishes so thank you for such a fab and inexpensive project! Am gonna create this myself next month in time for the boys birthday hopefully!

  15. This is a great idea, I'm going to make a few of these to use on the porch this summer!

  16. I had the same idea recently but haven't gotten around to carrying it out yet. Your cupcake stands are beautiful. ♥

  17. They turned out beautifully!! I bought pieces to make cake stands from about (cough cough) 2 years ago and still haven't touched them. I really should, and this is giving me the kick in the pants I need.



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