Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lovely Fashion

I love Eileen Fisher clothing. I have very few pieces, but they are some of my favorites. I usually buy pieces that are very versatile and on sale, if possible. If you've never actually seen her clothing on people check out her website. Especially here, where her employees show how several different body types can look good in her clothes. Simply beautiful!


  1. I'm only seeing one body type, young tall and thin!!! love her clothes though.

  2. cute clothes! where are you going?? you just got back! wherever it is HAVE FUN!

  3. I also love Eileen Fisher's clothes. Our local Saks 5th Ave. outlet sometimes has lots of items at less than half price - unlike some pricey brands, I think her items are well worth the money because the fabrics and cut are exquisite . . . I still only buy them on sale though!

  4. Agree and I love her ad campaigns when she features all the women together. I sometimes clip them out and save them. It is interesting to see how the models change over time. I also like the fact that she uses women of all ages.

  5. Agree with everyone else--Eileen is just organic. I too appreciate her models. They look like women that you'd love to have as friends.

  6. I love the breezy way these fashions look and wish I could pull it off.


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