Monday, March 1, 2010

Jessica's Gift

On my shopping foray last week I came across these beautiful ribbons. They are just like vintage seam binding. So pretty! You can find them here.
I used pink to tie up a pretty little package.
Jessica's birthday is today. Her Grandma ordered a bracelet from me. I hope she likes it. Happy Birthday Jessica!


  1. Your ribbon is very nice and looks like great quality, which will make for beautiful gift wrapping. I love that taupe color! Happy Birthday to Jessica! :-)


  2. oh, well... i would just love one of your cute bracelets! and your special way of wrapping is adorable! i know she will love her gift made with love :0)
    somehow, i missed your orange post...your photos are divine! i can almost taste that fresh squeezed delite all the way here in tn!
    happy birthday to jessica!

  3. Those ribbons are stunning. Such style

  4. that is so gorgeous! i would LOVE to have one. . .wish i was the lucky jessica!

  5. hey! thanks for stopping by. where did you save that idea from? i saw it long ago, and saved it in a page protector. i found it when we moved, and said, i need to do this. i have no clue where it came from!

  6. I love everything here! You're so talented and have an eye for detail.

    I'm excited about the website for the ribbons. I make lovely custom ribbon pillows for friends and family. I'm going to start working on one for a ringbearer for a summer bride.

    You inspire me!
    Have a beautiful day,
    Michelle Devereux
    (I had to sign in as 'anonymous' otherwise it wouldn't take my post!) LOL!

  7. So cute and I love the pictures!


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