Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crispy, Crunchy and Colorful

Doesn't warmer weather make you crave a fresh salad? It does me. Maybe it's the traveling and eating out that also triggers the craving. That's a distinct possibililty. I decided to make a Southwest influenced salad the other day. I used Romaine lettuce, cilantro, black beans, broccoli slaw, corn, red onion, green onion, and cherry tomatoes.
Add grilled chicken, shredded cheddar and broken tortilla chips for crunch. Top it off with Ranch dressing and enjoy. We also had a loaf of crusty Jalapeno cheddar bread along with it. YUMMY! It hit the spot. What have you been craving lately, besides chocolate, that is?


  1. Looks really yummy!! I'm definately a salad person.....especially in the summer!

  2. oh my I'm definitely craving fresh veggies and fruit with spring's arrival! if you whip up a salad I'll be right over to share it with you :)

  3. That looks absolutley wonderful!!! Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving a note on my blog. It so interesting to meet and see all the talent that unfolds across the pages of blogs.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Warm wishes

  4. Well to be honest, this salad is making me crave warm weather! Send both... :D

  5. Hi Karen
    That salad looks scrumptious!! enough to make me feel guilty for not eating as healthily as i can.!! Love that blue plate also.. look fantastic against the mix of colours in the salad... but then I am partial to colour!! Thanks for you lovely comment.. makes my day.. xxx Julie


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