Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I added some Spring decorations recently.  Here's my custom mixed Jelly Belly's and a cute felted chick.

We have a bird theme going in the powder room.
The entry table needs work, but these bunnies are here to greet you!  My family thinks they're scary.  
I found this paper cutting in an old book that was my Dad's Aunt's. I think it's precious. It sits on an old hymnal that my boss gave me.  I need to think of something special to do with the cutting.  
I changed up my side tables with bulbs and flower frogs.
My ivy is very sad indeed.

There's a lot of random stuff on this table.  Maybe too much.  I've already removed the heart wreath and added an Easter basket and a sparkly bird. I hope this adds a little Spring fever to your day! * I'm joining in on Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home, check out the other participants here.


  1. Wow, Karen!

    Fantastic settings. Dad says, "Thanks for the Facebook recognition!" Also "She just gets better at it as time goes by." I agree, you have a wonderful eye for the inviting spots of beauty.

    You are so loved! Mom

  2. So, so pretty. Has a unique charm to the warm, richness too.

    I captured a bit of the Irish Lore today in my SHOW N TELL. Do stop by for a wee bit o' the Irish Luck if you can!

  3. I love your photos...thanks for sharing. Your blog is amazing, glad I found you!

  4. i am certainly ready for spring now too! your decorations are cute but that paper cutting is super cool...i would frame it? perhaps with a burlap background or black? i'm sure you'll think of something fun.....
    have a good weekend,

  5. Your pics and vignettes are inspiring. So ready for Spring as most everyone is right now. I'm glad to have my internet back so I can reconnect with you on your blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love the bunnies! I don't find them scary at all! All your little knick knacks are precious. I'm going to follow your blog:)

  7. I agree with Erin about the cutouts. Definitely want to preserve them. I love your vignettes and those bunnies are just too adorable!

    Thank you for sharing your lovelies with us today.

    ~ Tracy

  8. those rabbits are scary mom.. i'm surprised dad hasn't messed with them yet.

  9. Love all the Easter & Spring decor.......lovely!

  10. Everything is so pretty and Spring-like. I love your bunnies and if they frighten your family you're more than welcome to send them my way!

    Kat :)


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