Thursday, January 14, 2010

Organized Chaos

Wouldn't it be lovely if all our organization looked this good even inside the drawers? 

Or if all of our junk was color coordinated and fit into beautiful little vintage planters?

This is a smidge closer to what my donations look like, sans the beautiful basket. I would never give that away!
I do have some organization in pretty bottles.  But, who has only one color palette of ribbon and who in their right mind has only that much yarn?  
I love this tray used as a bulletin board.  Maybe it's just the red. I also love the beautiful wrapping paper, does anybody really store theirs like this? I could show you my organization, but the pictures would not be nearly as pleasing.  Better to be organized well than beautifully, correct?


  1. Very pretty organizational answers. I like to pull out an idea or two that I can actually use!!

    Thanks, Karen! :-)


  2. So pretty and creative. My organizing usually consists of having a spot for something no matter what it looks like as long as it has it's own spot. This sure makes me want to get more creative with it though. So pretty.


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