Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Virtual Thanksgiving Table


I thought I'd set a virtual Thanksgiving table since I'm not having one of my own this year.  
{country living}?
This is much easier and the tables turn out much prettier this way. I love this brown and blue combination. Oh right, I've always loved this color combination. My wedding almost 30 years ago was this combination. Ha, I just realized that I keep going back to it.  
{southern accents} ?
It is my virtual Tablescape Tuesday for those of you who are Tablescape fans. Isn't this beautiful in purple? I've never had purple in my home other than DD1's bedroom several years ago. It is very beautiful, isn't it?It's always a classic with a punch of green. Well, I'm off to tackle my long list.  I'm sure yours is too. 


  1. I enjoyed your tablescape very much. I won't be having one of my own either again this year. But I love the idea of possibly having a gathering of my own this time next year.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I think brown and blue look wonderful together and I like the purple table setting. I think when we do something out of the ordinary, that is what catches the eye.

    Thanks for the virtual tables, Karen. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!



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