Monday, November 30, 2009

Simple and Subtle Christmas

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of nature and glamour. It is so simple. Isn't this photo above GORGEOUS? I love subtle color, but somehow I just can't be subtle, in decorating, that is.  
{country living}
Now this I can do.  I love the beautiful time worn colors in this silver compote.
Such a beautiful door.

More gorgeousness.  Simple and subtle gifts for guests.

{coastal living}
Maybe this doesn't fit under the subtle title, but it is simple and beautiful. It kind of fits with a natural room. I live fairly close to the coast. Maybe I could pull this off. But then, the rest of my living area would need to have a coastal theme. I just like way too many things! Very fun, isn't it?


  1. I feel exactly as you do, Karen. I love different textures together, old and new...and the last picture is sort of simplistic. The greenery would normally be wrapped around the bannister but instead is hung loosely. I like that. My lakehouse is a mix of everything and I am just now bringing in some 'coastal' pieces. Lake things. It will have to mix or have to do...

    Great post!


  2. It is so true how we grapple with decorating for holidays so that we don't over do it. I love many of the photos you posted especially the last one. A mix of many styles is very interesting as long as you use moderation!!

    Great post!!

  3. Gorgeous photos.The door with the simple noel sign is my favourite, I think you need a warmer & brighter climate than Normandy has for this type of subtlety. I'll be sticking with my red, green & gold as usual.

  4. What lovely photos - and great ideas. I think the simplest decorations are the hardest to design. I love the Noel sign, it could be recreated in so many fun ways!


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