Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let the Sunshine In!

While it's pretty obvious from my blog that I'm not the greatest photographer, I wanted to show you how a simple thing really made my day.
This is the before photo of one of my filthy windows.  Yes, you can see how close the houses are here in Southern California.  There are only 10 feet between houses. It's the price we pay for a "view" lot.  
Here is the after photo.  I actually had somebody else clean all my windows and screens today! It was so exciting!  Not only was somebody else doing it, but the results are wonderful!  Funny how a clean window can give you a good outlook, (pun intended).
Another before photo.  Yuck.
Afterwards, the sun just bounces off my antique bottles. Love it!


  1. You take wonderful pictures, Karen! You underestimate that. And as time goes on, you will get better and better.

    I am in love with the view of the mountains. Gosh, I'd love to look out at that everday. You are talking to a girl from the Great Plains!! And in the city, our homes are the same distance apart, which I really dislike. No privacy at all...

    Hope you have a wonderful week. The windows look marvelous!! :-)


  2. Wow! I especially love the light on your antique bottles, just lovely.

  3. What a great thing to not only have clean windows, but for someone else to clean them! Perfect for sunny fall days. Also, love the bottles!

  4. I've never had someone else do my windows & screens. Must be won-der-ful! Pretty bottles in the window! :)

    Enjoy your day,


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