Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peach Fabulousness

I shared with you the other day about an amazing dessert I made. Well, I've made it at least three or four times since then. And, NO, I'm not counting those calories. It's just a baked peach with brown sugar on top, half peach to be exact. Sprinkle brown sugar on it and bake at 350 till warm. Serve, of course, with ice cream. Duh! This photo is certainly not styled well. What was I thinking, a peach, with purple ice cream (black raspberry chocolate chip, btw) in a blue and white bowl? Well, whatever, it's about the taste. It's sort of a take on peach melba. Seriously yummy, though.  


  1. Mmmm! I can practically taste it...and smell it! Looks good!

  2. Yum...I think I may make these this weekend!


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