Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knitted Gifts

Isn't this sock yarn beautiful?  It was one of the winners in the primary colors category at Sock Summit last month.  I'm curious to see how it knits up.  It was hand dyed by Spindle Cat Studio.  You can find them here.
I wanted to make slippers for a retreat give away in October.  I remember my Grandmother making these for me for Christmas every year.  This slipper is a very cute, updated version of Grandma's slippers.  I've finished one so far.  The pattern is from Sarah. Her website is here.
These are my next endeavor.  They are designed by Kathy North.  These are made out of TLC Essentials Solid.  They are named Ballet Slippers.  You can find her patterns here.
These are also Ballet Slippers, the same pattern, but made by Rachel. Not my Rachael, btw. They are of Lion Brand Lion Wool.  I think they're oh so cute!


  1. I love the slippers in green and pretty and delicate.

  2. I like the green ones. They're cute and seem like a fun and quick little knit project. :-)


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