Sunday, August 23, 2009

Restoration Hardware Revived

I haven't really paid much attention to the Restoration Hardware catalog in a long time.  I wasn't really a fan of their sleek, modern look.  I don't know the technical, industry name for their look, all I know is that it wasn't my style.  So, I was very surprised when I looked at their new catalog.  I have received other catalogs recently and noticed the very cool cart coffee table on their cover.  This time I opened the catalog up instead of tossing it in the recycle bin.  
And all I could say was, YES!  Love it.  Of course, I didn't particularly love the prices.  Pretty steep, but these pieces actually look substantial.  Have you ever looked through catalogs and thought that the furniture looked like play furniture?  It's usually smaller scale and always of veneers.  I know it's because it's reasonably priced and easier to ship.  I guess I just want the unrealistic combination of authentic looking pieces and good prices.  Good prices meaning cheap.  Those two don't go together, I'm afraid.  
Anyway, I might just have to get out the measuring tape and see how some of these pieces would fit into my living room.  I definitely need a coffee table.  You can tell from this post.  It needs to be substantial.  I'd need to get rid of the ottoman.  
I love all three of the ones shown in these photos and I love that round table as well.  There are some very fun accessories and lamps included.  Check it all out at here.


  1. Until you find the perfect coffee table...might a decorative tray, set on your ottoman work? It could turn it (sort of) into a table and allow you to place and arrange things, like you would on a table. Just a thought... :-)

  2. Lovely post,the rustic french look they have is all the rave!! Your blog is beautiful!! All the best,Chrissy

  3. such inspiration in there. and in your blog.

  4. Karen - where are the blue chairs? did I miss something? this was the link - nice article - great minds think alike, hehe!!!!
    let me know where the picture is - I searched your blog for about 10 minutes and didn't find them.


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