Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project Mode

I decided to do a little craft project recently.  Although I bought the perfect thing and can't figure out where I put it.  You know, that place where I'm sure to find it again? It's so not there. 
I think it's kinda cute.  It's going to remain in limbo until I can find that "perfect" thing.  UGH! A craft room/studio would be so helpful right now.  At least I would know which room it was in. 
I've also been working on a grouping above our desk.  This seemed the most fool proof way of placing the pictures.  Beware of dirty newsprint fingers on newly painted walls.  
Here it is so far.  One more thing to finish. I realized that I changed the layout from the previous photo. I just liked the darker, heavier picture at the bottom.  All the pictures are from travels.  One is Bayreuth, Germany, one Portofino, Italy and the last one is the Colosseum in Rome.
You'll find the post on making this here.  This is a thrift store frame that I painted.  Filled it with very beautiful flocked paper from Aaron Brothers and two antique drawer pulls.
I found these when shopping with N in Solana Beach a few weeks ago. I love old hardware.  I'm not sure what these would've been.  Maybe plates for sconces or doorknobs.  Any ideas? 


  1. I like the old hardware! They kind of look like the bases of old door knockers. How big are they? I like how you hung them on the wall.

  2. Beautiful, beauiful grouping of pictures! I am not so careful and just "eyeball" it. I love the drawer pulls on gorgeous paper. This is a great idea and super way to highlight a beautiful peice of crusty metal. I'm going to have to find something old to frame too, I think.....

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


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