Monday, August 31, 2009

Ina Rocks

Leave it to Ina to combine simple and very tasty recipes.  I think I have all her cookbooks.  I needed to come up with a dessert for Sunday evening.  This recipe for Brownie Pudding came highly recommended.  I already had the cookbook, but not the fancy cocoa or vanilla beans. I bought the fancy and expensive cocoa, but substituted real vanilla for the beans.  Two vanilla beans were $9!!!
It was SO simple to make.
It is baked in a water bath.
The finished pudding has a crust that you don't break until serving. But the insides are nice and gooey.
This is the result! INHALED. It is imperative to serve it with vanilla ice cream. Homemade if you have the time. I didn't. Nobody noticed.  It was so seriously fabulous.  I'll definitely be making this again and again.  


  1. Ohhh Yummmmm! That looks sooo good! I think I need to buy that book. I've just recently gotten into watching her shows. I really like them!

  2. That looks absolutely choco-fabulous!!!!

  3. Bonjour Karen,
    As soon as I read this post I went straight to the shelf & took down my copy. I'll be making this for dessert tonight, woo hoo!
    Ina's the greatest.
    a bientot
    Maggie @ Normandy Life


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