Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crafty Books

Since I'm on the subject of books, at least two days ago I was, I wanted to encourage everyone to look at this new Bookazine. I think I've coined a new word. Seriously, it's like a book, as expensive as a book, but it's a magazine. Stampington has done it again. Goodness, I'm so glad most of their magazines are not monthly. This gives so many wonderful projects to do if you're a Greenie! I try to be. Besides recycling, I save things that I don't know what I'm going to do with. Maybe this will help. 
Below are two, oops three, of my favorite projects in the magazine.  There are several more, btw.
I love the way these little packages are wrapped.  In reading the article, I understood that they are the gifts in and of themselves.  They do not wrap a gift.  I do understand that if I received a gift wrapped this way, I wouldn't want to unwrap it either.  But, it would still be tempting. Here are Jenny Doh's posts on this great magazine.
Gonna have to try this one.  So, easy and cute!
Everyone needs a garland, right? Especially a beautiful one like this. Here is Pam Garrison's blog.  She does absolutely beautiful artwork. She's the creator of these beautiful garlands.
Here's another must-have craft book.  While the recent trend to use devotional in a title disturbs me a little, it gives daily impetus to spark creative ideas.  It certainly doesn't have to be done page by page.  In fact, the author discourages doing that.  But, it has tons of how-tos and fun ideas.

These are just two random pages. If you need inspiration, not only is it all over the internet, but here are two hand-on "books" to help out.


  1. I just picked up the Greencraft copy at a local store and of course when I flipped through it I started wanting to save every bit of trash we had...I had to stop myself lest I end up on the evening news as a nutty hoarder! I'm already a packrat when it comes to my art supplies. One must be careful to not cross the line between collecting and insanity!

  2. I am a stampington fan. Mostly Sommerset Studio. Those "bookazines" are expensive, but theres more info in there along with inspiration than most books I've bought for that purpose. I'll have to check out the crafters Devo too.
    Oh, and to address your question on my blog. Thanks for your comment by the way, and I am rarely satisfied with my end work. It does happen, but I always just know when it's done, but I think I learn from each project cause I see what I'd do differently next time.
    I'm not always happy or satisfied.
    and, I believe, you are an artist.
    Blessings on a fabulous weekend ahead.

  3. teeheehee, just read my previous post to you. I would fail grammar class for sure. Hope you can understand the weird sentence structure.


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