Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful Books?

{charm hill interiors}
Isn't this a lovely display of books? They are so carefully chosen for their pretty covers. Do you suppose the owner has read these books? Did they buy them just for their beautiful leather covers or are they really interested in their contents? We have a lot of books at our house. They are purchased basically for their contents. The majority of them have been read. Here is a photo of our pile of books.  Now, don't cringe, there is a reason. . . 
When our home was built, they painted all of our baseboards with a flat paint.  Can you imagine how poorly that holds up over time? We don't even have small children anymore! The dings and gouges really bugged DH. So, we had our painter paint the baseboards again. This time in semi-gloss.
This resulted in the furniture in just about every room needing to be relocated to the center. This is just the pile in our family room where we have a triple section bookshelf. There's another big bookshelf upstairs that we didn't have to move. Most of these books are mine; cookbooks, knitting, decorating, gardening, Bible studies. YIKES! My husband is the worst culprit, actually. He's got way more than me. All I know is, my book piles are definitely not as pretty as the first photo. Maybe if I put a bouquet of roses on top?


  1. Ha, I thought I had alot of books, but you beat me out for sure. That book display reminded me of another display I always liked where they made bookcovers for all the books out of pretty paper and craft paper. and then handscripted the names of the books on the binding of the bookcovers. Looked so neat in the display.

  2. I have to admit I'm a book lover as well...I swear they multiply up there on the shelf!!!

  3. Can you imagine if I was crazy enough to want all my books to be pretty? Covering each book in order to coordinate them would be CRAZY!

  4. I love books too! I use to have so many of them but in many of my cleaning frenzies over the years I got rid of a lot of them...which I now regret. I still have a LOT though. In fact, the shelf under my living room coffee table has so many decorating and gardening books that I worry it's going to break or sag. Plus, we have book cases filled to the brim in our music room/library. I don't let myself get rid of books anymore when I go on cleaning binges! I think one can never have too many! Painting?! Ugh! We need to do that too.

  5. this is how my books look 24/7 - I am dreading going home to all my clutter!!!! still at the beach on vacation. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh Karen, I have just as many, if not MORE!!!! I love them though, they truly are my fun...full of so much inspiration! You're gonna love having the fresh's just going through the process that's the drag :) Thanks so much for stopping by to see me, xxoo, Dawn


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