Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wallpaper Quest

I think these pictures were the beginning of my quest for the perfect wallpaper for my laundry room.  I do not have wallpaper in any room in my home.  I think I'd like to mix it up and add a little.  I think the laundry room is not the best choice as far as ease of papering, but I do like a pretty laundry room.  

This yellow paper is my FAVORITE!  I think it may even be the Farrow and Ball paper in my collage.  

Okay, so I'm a beginner collageist. I'm excited though. I made this collage from some Farrow and Ball wallpaper samples that I'm drooling over. Do you think it's C R A Z Y to wallpaper a laundry room with Farrow and Ball paper? I haven't even priced it yet and I'd have to contact a dealer in LA to even order it. For all I know, I'd first have to find a designer (enter friend Nina) maybe to call and order it. Isn't it so gorgeous? The top three are my favorites. It looks like there is a minimum 3 roll order.  Maybe I should search for some state side compromise?


  1. I've been searching for the right wall paper to put on the panel part of my grand daughters bedroom doors. I want girly pink chic and I'm sure these patterns especially the patter in the laundry room top pic would be wonderful. I'm thinking boutique hotel.
    Love wallpaper. So glad it's making a comback in decorating.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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