Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Red, Some Blue

{country living}
There doesn't have to be any red for a patriotic setting. The star is a very simple, but very effective design element.  I think that's the right effect/affect.  Now they both look strange.
{country living}
Maybe there doesn't have to be any blue either for that matter.  This may not be patriotic, but its beautiful! Okay, so it's not patriotic.  
{country living}
A subtle nod to the nautical with black and red.  
{country living}
Love this!
How is it that some people find just the perfect thing for that spot that needs something?  Does that make sense?  I think it definitely helps to live in the same house forever.  When you move, nothing fits where it was originally intended. 
{coastal living}
Crisp, bright and beachy and the blue leaning toward aqua.
{Country Home}
Country Home gives instructions for making this bunting.  
Hmmm, where could I put a porch swing? I love it in blue.

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  1. Could the last image be any more cheery????
    Gratitudes for the lovely views & have a firecracker weekend!!!


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