Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th ?

Because we were invited to a friend's home for the Fourth, we had our family celebration today. After a wonderful patriotic church service we had a relaxing afternoon.  I threw together some red, white and blue linens and dishes.  It's really not too difficult at my house, since these are the colors I usually use.  You can tell I didn't put a lot of creativity into this table.  But, it was definitely festive.  

My husband enjoyed these 3-D glasses that I got from work.  They are for watching the fireworks.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to watch fireworks this year.  Isn't he a good sport for letting me take a picture of him?  I didn't promise not to post it.  He didn't ask.  
He took a picture of the lights over my island through the glasses.  This is what you see.  They're fun for big and little kids.  
My husband loves to watch movies to commemorate holidays.  For Independence Day it is The Patriot.  Independence Day is on at the moment.  I think he's watching.  He also found the XM Station that played patriotic music today.  It was a very interesting mix of music.  I'm certain I've never heard some of them before.  One of them was something about an American Cowboy.  
We had cheeseburgers and homemade potato chips.  DH got baked beans.  No thank you.  The chip recipe is from Ina Garten.  They are delicious.  They are Rori's Potato Chips from Barefoot Contessa PARTIES!  I could've made more food, but we couldn't have eaten it.  It's just all too much.
We made homemade ice cream and firecrackers just like last year.  
I used some "sparkler" candles.  You can't see the sparks, but they were very entertaining.  We tried to see who could hold on to theirs the longest.  I won.  
I hope you made special memories this Independence Day.


  1. Well it sounds like you had a lovely day! So fun! Love the little firecracker cakes and the sparklers! To cute! Your table looked great and I sooooo love homemade chips! I make them all the time as it is a favorite of my husbands! I love homemade Ice Cream, I need to invest in an ice cream maker so I can make some, I don't like ice cream but homemade I could eat and eat it!

  2. wow! Way to celebrate in style. Love the firecrackers.

  3. I love your blue and white plates! Those chips look yummy! :-)


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