Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So Pretty!

With my discovery earlier today of Anna French's wallpapers, I ended up a Thibault.  Look at this fabulous paper!!!  I just know this would look great in my entry way.  I haven't painted my entry because I want it to be fabulous and I can't make a decision.  Both of these papers are in my color palette.  This first one might be best because it's still bright.  My entry is sort of dark. That is until I put in a new front door with a window in it.  That's on the someday list.  Of course the cheap version of myself would try to stencil my entry to look like this.  Think of the work.  Yuck.  Of course, I'd paper it myself also.  Still lots of work.  But, the fabulousness would be worth it, don't you think?

I think painting shiny dots could be kinda easy.  Although, we have the stupid West Coast "orange peel" textured walls.  Which I hate, btw!  I miss my good ole flat Midwest walls with real corners.  Oh well.  I'm still thinking these shiny dots need to go somewhere.  
Don't you just love these?


  1. Absolutely fabulous! And that chair - oh my...look at that fabric and those legs!


  2. Love Thibault but your comment about the walls. thank you. Here in AZ they do this faux adobe look inside & I'm missing my Michigan flat walls constantly.
    Love your daughters room!!!!My 8 year old goddaughter has decided shes soo done with the little girl look & wants to go black & white with a few hints of pink..her words...I think I'll show her DD2's room to see if its what she means.
    So glad I found you!!!

  3. everything's so lovely!

    Your dog, Buddy is really cute by the way!


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