Monday, June 1, 2009

Hardware project

I'm working on a repurposing project. I have been trying to decide what to hang above our desk. There have been too many ideas, actually. The latest one I've landed on is a grouping of paintings/drawings from our travels. Along with those I have some fun hardware I'd like to incorporate. This first frame was used with another picture that has been reframed. It's a beautiful frame and I was considering mounting this beautiful toile velvet to use as a pin board. The velvet was purchased to make a pillow that never materialized. I could still do that, actually.

While at the frame shop to reframe a sketch of The Coliseum, I ran across these two beautiful papers from The Paper Company at 30% off. They are very large pieces of paper and are for covering matte board or any other creative use.

Below is a clever idea from BHG that I really loved. They don't tell you how to do it and it's not as simple as it looks. When I bought my drawer pulls, I discovered that there is no easy way to hang these straight on a wall. They have to be in a frame. If you'd like to know the difficulty, let me know. Otherwise, I won't go into the details. As you can see I used one of the papers in this thrift store frame that I spray painted black. I mounted two drawer pulls. I think it's really cute. You can't really tell, but this paper is flocked. So fun! It's not in my office at the moment and mounting it to the wall will be tricky. For now, I think I like it here. Click on the photo for an up close and personal look at it.


  1. This is fabulous!! I really love the look of it. I have a drawer full of old hardware, pieces, parts, and what nots....old keys and such. I would love to do some thing like this. Now you got me thinking.
    Thanks for all of your creative ideas

  2. Very clever ideas! It is fun to pull out things that are pretty and hang them up instead of leaving them in the junk drawer or hidden away somewhere!

  3. Hi Karen, Yes, I did see this post. I was kind of sad to hear that mounting them straight onto the wall was not easy to figure out, but I had looked at some drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby and wondered how that would work. Your solution is a great one!

    Thanks for the visit!


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