Monday, May 25, 2009

Chair Inspiration

I've actually been working on painting an armchair this weekend. I posted it in a challenge that Melissa from The Inspired Room proposed at least 3 weeks ago.  Obviously, I didn't meet the deadline.  But, I have been painting my chair.  It's not quite finished.  I think the cushion is going to pose a particular challenge.  I found these pictures below at Country Living. I was looking for inspiration.  The chair that I'm painting is not going to be white, but these photos are beautiful. I think it's the varied ways that they're using the chair.  I would like my chair to be flexible, to fit into different rooms.  I think the fabric choice will dictate that the most.  

I love the way the photo is framed and of course the beautiful hardwood floors.  
This is a beautiful vignette.  But why do you suppose it's facing the wall?  Do you suppose it's the naughty chair?  I had to stand in the corner a lot in elementary school.  This would've been much better.  
Here is a beautiful place to change your shoes.  I don't think I'd be wearing those, though.    
This is just a pretty setting.  I like how the rain boots are added to coordinate the colors.  I don't think I'll be adding boots to my decorating just yet.  

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