Monday, April 27, 2009

The Truth Is Out!

Okay, so I admit it.  I turned 50 yesterday.  There you have it.  There's a candle for every decade represented.  I wouldn't want to set off the smoke alarms.  My sweet husband went to great lengths to buy presents.  Actually the wrapping was more difficult for him, I believe.  He didn't even know where the wrapping paper was.  I came home to the Christmas wrapping box out. Poor guy.  

My sweet daughter baked her first cake from scratch totally by herself.  It's a German pound cake with my grandmother's fudge frosting on top.  YUMMY!  It's the kind of frosting that you scrape the pan of every possible remnant afterwards.  
Here's another truth.  The kitchen was/is a mess.  And I'm having pound cake for breakfast today.  Isn't it pretty much like coffee cake? Yep, I think so.   


  1. Happy Birthday! :-)

    Wow!...that cake sounds yummy! Sounds like a good breakfast to me! lol

  2. Happy Birthday! Which was easier for you, turning 40 or 50?

  3. Happy Birthday Karen! Lets see, eggs, milk, flour, chocolate. Yep, all things one finds in a good breakfast. like Bill Cosby said..."Dad is great, He gives us Chocolate cake!" You look great for the "Top of the Hill" club!

  4. Sweet cake for a sweet lady.
    Birthday blessings

  5. Happy Birthday Karen! Hey, we have the same hair!

    I turned 50 this week too.... three years ago ~ It was a WONDERFUL turning of the page. I like that I can now say "no" and feel, well.... ZERO guilt. I love this stage of life, but must also admint that I did love each decade for the richness it brought.

    Blessings on your special day ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


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