Saturday, April 4, 2009

Problem Is. . .

I'm really annoyed with Barnes and Noble!  For the moment, anyway.

We just got back from our "date night".  Every Saturday evening, it's pretty much Mexican food then a trip to Barnes and Noble.  Yes, we're creatures of habit.  Actually, we just like what we like. Is that a bad thing? Date nights are very important, don't you know?  I was planning on buying the new edition of Artful Blogging.*  But, NO, B&N did not have the new issue which was supposedly out on April 1st.  What's with that?  So, I had to substitute, Marie Claire Idees, Canadian House and Home, and CPS Studios.  I guess that will just have to do.  ;-)

*  Okay, so I just realized, I was wrong.  Yes, I can admit that.  The issue was not Artful Blogging, it was Somerset Life.  Which they also did not have.  Goodness.  What's a girl to do?

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