Monday, March 16, 2009

Indoor Gardens

I have been intriged by Terrariums for a long time. I once saw a segment on MSL about them and they were beautiful. There doesn't seem to be much on her website now about them though. I had to dig through my tear sheets for a few pretty pictures of them. Southern Living 2001

Country Home 2004

Country Home 2004

Southern Living 2001

I actually tried one myself last year and it did okay for awhile. I recently tossed the contents and am contemplating trying again. It looks so easy, yet I don't seem to keep them alive for a long time. I think the most difficult part is finding the right plants. If you do a little searching, you can find many links for instructions and plant lists. YouTube even has some video instructions. These lovely terrariums below are already planted for you. The first is for sale at Smith and Hawken.
smith and hawken

These lovely terrariums are off of Etsy.

You can find these terrariums for sale here. Here is a suggested plant list. If you just need instructions for planting a terrarium. I'm curious if anyone has ever tried to plant one and kept it going for the long term?


  1. A million years ago I gave terrariums for Christmas presents. I think the sun exposure is important too.

  2. Oh, this just reminds me of the terrarium my mom had when I was little. It stood on a mod pedestal and was big globe. it was so cool. How fun. I'd love to do one myself.


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