Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bridal Shower

I am hosting a bridal shower on Sunday for a lovely young coworker.  It's going to be a small, simple shower, but I needed some inspiration.  While the colors I've decided on are not pink, these photos gave me some great ideas.  Enjoy.

I love this simply beautiful cake.  Even I could do that!
I kind of doubt if my cookies would turn out as pretty.  These two photos above are from Country Living
This looks quick and easy.
And of course, the ever creative people at Martha Stewart helped out.  


  1. I love that cake's soooo cute!!!

    Have fun with the shower tomorrow! :-)

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  3. This is so YOU, my creative daughter. You can do it. Be sure to put it on for us to see. Have fun!

  4. oh you've totally had practice at this.. what colors did you pick?

  5. The brides color's are green, yellow and orange. I'm going with mostly green and yellow. I'm definitely making the paper "fortune tellers". We're having cupcakes. I may make Ambrosia. It's green pudding stuff. This is a vintage style shower. I bought some vintage kitchen utensils with green handles for the decor. I'm going to make her wear my vintage green gingham apron and am making a "veil" out of calico's. I'm also making gingham and calico napkins and wrapping them in rickrack. I'll take pictures. I've also got a little green cake stand and a green ice cream maker. Have a lot more stuff that I thought!

  6. Can't wait to see pics of the highly successful shower!

  7. I love that cake!!!! so cute - and I love your new picture!!!! veddy cute.

    thank you so much for your comment on the family redo - you are always too sweet!!!!!

  8. Oh, I love that idea with the little candies. Isn't that one of those little folded paper games. I used to make those all the time as a kid. Of course, I'm still kind of a kid.


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