Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Topping it Off

This is a photo of the "in progress" status of our office.  
Here is the "after" picture.  I obviously need to get something on the wall here.  Such an improvement though.  
Here is a "before" picture of the family room, obviously at Christmas time.  
Here is the "after".  We had the ceilings painted off-white in order to contrast with the moldings.  
This is the kitchen without my baskets.
This is after the moldings are finished.  It all looks really great.  The only problem is that I have to get my new window treatments shortened.  I didn't realize that we needed such deep moldings and therefore didn't leave enough room in the draperies.  They puddle WAY too much.  It is so much smarter to do things in the right order.  Live and learn.  


  1. Your house looks beautiful! How wonderful that you're not afraid to use color! It looks great! I've found that having colors on the walls can add smiles to my days. It's just happy to look at and be in. :-)

  2. our house isn't california-ish anymore! yay!

  3. So warm and inviting and I love that collection of mirrors! You are a style diva, for sure!

  4. your place is beautiful, the crown molding really makes a great finishing touch!

  5. What a difference the moldings make - especially in the family room! they really pop! your house really looks cute!!!!!!!!!! love that red!

    thanks for the comment! much appreciated.


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