Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Complaints

This is our normal view from the back of our house.  It was an especially lovely morning with low lying fog and snow on the mountains. 
Lately we've had this to look at outside our window.
We are IN the clouds these days.  There has been a lot of rain in SoCal lately.  Most of us don't complain at all, because we really need it.  My biggest concern is DH's commute.  It is very long on a good day, but rain makes it much more dangerous.  This is our biggest weather change out here and it is welcomed.  Especially because we will get these beautiful results in a few weeks.  
{tomsaint11 at flickr.com}
So, no, I'm not complaining.  


  1. I'm not complaining either....she says with two sweaters and a blanket on.

  2. wait, seriously? what a view - even in the clouds - amazing to a girl from flat Houston!!!! just gorgeous - on a clear day - and even a cloudy day - lucky girl!!!!


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