Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nagging Tagging Question

Not too many of you read my blog, but if you happen on by, I have a question.  Do you remove the tags from your towels when you buy them?  I hate the hangy down tags on my towels.  But, for some reason I don't remove them.  Maybe I secretly fear the tag police will blow the whistle.  Same thing applies to tags on scarves.  I don't really wear too many that are purchased, but I hate the tags showing.  How do you handle tags, or do you care?


  1. I've thought about cutting the tags off my towels. But, you really can't get it all off since it is basically sewed on to the towel. Cutting it off would leave a frayed tag, which I think would be worse. Tags are SO annoying!

  2. I leave tags on for the same reasons that the above poster (Monica) said. they are usually sewn on the hem, so, if you try to unstitch them the hem is undone as well. I would love it if they were easily detachable. I LOVE the new way that t-shirts have the tags printed annoying tag scratchiness.

    p.s. I had heard that if liquids are spilled on a keyboard it would be ruined...I guess you were very lucky! woohoo!

  3. I always left them on until this past year. I had never thought about removing them but some of my newest towels had such big, scratchy tags that I decided to cut them off. It looked so much better that I've been doing it more and more. I also started cutting pillow tags off a couple years ago. I always thought I had to leave them on but all of a sudden realized there was no reason to and they were so big, ugly and crunchy. Now they're gone. And, the police haven't shown up...yet. lol :-)

  4. To Cut Or Not to Cut! Hum? Well. I cut some and some I don't. On Bedding I cut them as when you make the bed and at the foot of the bed is hanging the big ole swab of wrinkled white hanging out, I think it looks tacky. If your careful and you cut it very close to the seem or stitching.I leave them on on towels and wash cloths, I know not why? they stick out when you fold them. I think they should make all tags removable.


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