Monday, February 2, 2009

Freshen Up

{Country Living UK}
A beautiful painting, some fresh flowers and treasured collections.  These are some ingredients that make a home cozy and inviting.  Do you tend to stick with the same old arrangements?  You don't need to buy new things, just pull some lovely pieces out of the cupboards and move items to different rooms.  It will feel new and fresh.  On this beautiful chest they've even got a bud vase with no bud and a candlestick with no candle.  There is a blend of silver and gold and different levels to make it interesting.  


  1. thanks for your comment, Karen! You are smart....AND you have beautiful taste!

  2. You read my mind. Freshening up is EXACTLY what I am doing these days! I am moving things around, painting old accessories, etc. Thanks!


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