Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Valentine Preparations

I know it's only January 6th, but it's never too early to plan ahead and to do it well.  A few years ago I was invited to a friend's house to make homemade Valentines.  It was a lot of fun. She wasn't very creative, but I fell in love with the idea and her antique paper cutter.  We were gardening friends and we cut pretty flowers out of catalogs.  I'm not talented as are the ladies in this wonderful publication from Somerset Studios.  In recent years I have made homemade Valentines for my family, paper doilies, flower photos and stickers included.  Last year I didn't and boy did I hear about i!  So, I'm trying to prepare early this year.  I'm also having Bunco at my house in February.  Check out this fabulous book for lots of creative ideas.  Does anybody else make homemade Valentines?

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  1. Oh, I love homemade valentines, but I've haven't made one since I was a kid. I love Somerset and am so inspired by that publication. I've also always loved the look of old valentines and those ones from the war sweeties.


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