Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moldings and Beams

We're getting ready to add crown molding to the rooms on our main floor. I also would like to have "beams" added in our Great Room. Here are some inspiration photos that I'm working from.
I love the simplicity of this design with the painted ceiling.  I am planning on painting our ceiling a very light gray/blue.  This is probably the direction I will go in order to save some money.  Although I love the boards in this picture below.  The rustic wood looks great with the more formal furniture below.  Aren't these bookshelves wonderful?  We could have these in every room if our rooms were big enough.  Love them!
I also love the sleek tongue-in-groove panels and beams in this room.  
Although my rooms are certainly not as beautiful as these magazine-ready rooms, I think the beams and molding will take away from the "tract house" look of our home.  Unfortunately, this is not a "honey-do" project and is fairly pricey.  I do love the idea of a blue ceiling.  Hopefully this will be finished in February, so I'll post photos for show and tell. Photos courtesy of Style At Home, and Cote de Texas.  


  1. Hi Karen-
    I just came along your lovely blog and wanted to tell you how much I liked it. Also, I like all of these ceilings but I think the last photo is my favorite. Have a nice day! Daisy~

  2. Good idea to do that. Love that 2nd photo with the tongue-in groove! Can't wait to see your decision.
    Have a great day!

  3. love the middle picture the best.

  4. you should come do my living room. I'll email you our swatches. I also need an idea to cover up an old craptastic couch.

  5. I love this - it's so beautiful. do it!!! I've always wanted to put rafters and boards on my ceilings but can't - all the rooms open to each other.

    have a great weekend - and thanks to you for your comment today.


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