Saturday, January 3, 2009

Magazine Sadness

I'll admit it, I love magazines.  I bet a lot of you do too.  Especially since you use many magazine photos in posts.  Magazines take us places that we would never have an opportunity to visit.  I was searching for a magazine the other day at B&N, but with no luck.  When I looked on their website they had announced it was no longer in publication.  That magazine was ORGANIZE.  It was fairly new and I thought well done.  I just received a note from Cottage Living that they are also ceasing publication.  I don't see it mentioned on their website.  Somewhere on a blog, I read that Mary Englebreit's Home Companion is stopping as well.  It is posted as a news release on their website that they are looking for a new publisher.  Last night I was again in B&N and noticed so many random and specific magazines that I wondered why these have stopped publication.  Obviously, our economy has a lot to do with it, but who knows what else will be ceasing publication.  Makes me sad.  


  1. That is sad. I think online magazines could be part of the problem too. That darn internet!

  2. I was devastated by the Mary Engelbreit news. I attended Silver Bella this past Nov. and she was the luncheon speaker. She said the publisher told them it just wasn't profitable to publish the magazine anymore. I have also noticed many of the magazines that are still out there are much thinner. I like online magazines but there is nothing like holding that publication in your hands and leisurely turn the pages.I hope this is not a trend that continues. Thanks for visiting my blog, Pam

  3. I too was really sad about cottage living as I love when it arrives in the mail each month. I will now have to find my fabulous decorating inspiration online~

  4. I love Cottage Living! There's always neat tips for small homes and I need that! Coastal Living is my other favorite and I noticed it was about half its normal size this month. I hope they stick around!


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