Saturday, January 17, 2009


This dining room has been one of my favorites since it was on the cover of Country Living years ago.  I'm undeniably drawn to red in decorating.  Maybe it's because for 7 years in my last house I deleted all red.  It made me crazy!  I know this room is very "staged" but I love the layers, textures and variety of prints.
This office is very bold with it's bright red walls.  I know from experience that this takes many, many layers of paint to cover, even with primer.  It's especially beautiful with the natural ecrus and browns.  But, my favorite addition is to add blue to the mix.  Red, brown and blue, love it!
While I'm not as eclectic as this room, I absolutely LOVE the color palette.  I have loved this palette for a long time and my current home is a reflection.  I don't think I've balanced the colors as well, I'm working toward it.  I'm trying to pick a light blue to paint my ceiling and stairway that won't scream "baby blue".  We'll see how I do.  What is your favorite color palette? You can see more of this beautiful apartment at Country Living.  All the above photos are from Country Living.  You can see my attempt here.  You can even tell from my blog that I love these colors together.  ;-)

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  1. I love that first picture too. I used to have all this red, but it's gone now, and sometimes I miss it.

    you WERE first! congrats!!!hahah


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