Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Christmas Decorating

I have a small collection of sheep that I decorate with for Christmas. For two reasons, really. First and most important, the sheep was used many times in the Bible to symbolize Jesus Christ and the sacrifice of His life for you and me. Second, I am a knitter. Plain and simple. This one is my favorite, he's out all year.

I just bought this one. He has a smile on his face. I actually haven't gotten the others out yet.

I've decided to try and add more blue to my Christmas decor this year. Basically because it's one of the main colors in my house. This book was my children's (I think anyway). And the little reindeer was Memaws. The beautiful mirror was a birthday gift from my Mother and the silver compote thingy was off of ebay.

This is a lovely, but fake amaryllis from Target. I can NEVER get the real ones to look this good. So there you go. FAKE! You will notice I have many old Christmas ornaments. Several years ago I went to a garage sale with my Mother-in-Law. I found 6 boxes of old ornaments for 50 cents a box. I snapped those babies up so fast your head would spin. I also had to drive them back home 8 hours, but I didn't care. My MIL thought I was crazy. I still love them. Some of these are also Memaws. For more Christmas ideas go to The Inspired Room.


  1. Love it all and I'm so fond of those little sheep.

  2. Looks great, love the bowl of ornaments and pine cones :)


  3. I laughed a lot at your "snapped these babies up" sentence

  4. that book was ours, and grandma always thinks you're crazy.. then again, she thinks I am too!! must be a trend

  5. very nice- I have that same amaryllis from Target in while- got it 1/2 off . Love all the decor!


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