Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disneyland Fun

We had no responsibilites on Sunday so we decided to visit Disneyland while it was still decorated for Christmas. It's probably an hour away with good traffic. We spent the entire day there. I think we went on four rides, maybe 5. It was a busy place. Space Mountain was our first ride. DD2 and I bought Minnie ears. They are sparkly. I'll have to post a picture later because they are on our cell phones. I think mine look especially lovely on me. I even got a compliment from a complete stranger. You'll have to wait and see and you'll understand why. DH just laughed. I'm good for a laugh. Thunder Mountain.
This is Indian Jones, a 60 minute wait. I think the ride took all of 5 of those minutes. But, it's fun. The best part is people watching. People are funny. God is REALLY creative, that's for sure.

The castle was beautiful! It was more beautiful at night, but my camera died. Who knows why, it still had battery power. I'm just glad we salvaged the pictures. We watched the parade with the dancing reindeer and gingerbread men. There were lots of strollers and plenty of wheelchairs. It's definitely a place of fantasy. I wouldn't mind a wreath like that on my front door. Maybe a much smaller version.


  1. how fun. i didnt know you are in cali. i am in orange county prob 15min from disneyland.

    happy new year!

  2. Disneyland is one of my favorite places.
    We were just there a few weeks ago. Nobody decks the halls like they do!
    Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday season.
    Happy New Year!


  3. Hey howdy, I love Disney and your pics made me jealous. It's nice to see you are enjoying Cali. I love to go there, it's beauuuuutiful. I am keeping up with your blog news. Loved the wedding pics. Miss ya.
    from a cold place...


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