Saturday, December 27, 2008

Country Lane

We only had two participants in this year's trailer park construction.  Therefore, we decided to make a Country Lane instead.  We wanted more land.  We were land hogs I guess.  Can't have too much land.  
DD2 added the old fashioned swing set, it's tire is laying on the ground because it's too cold to swing these days.  Or maybe it's because the children have gone off to their own trailers.  Don't know.   She has festive red lights on her house.  
My garden still looks lovely even if there's snow.  You can have flowers bloom on Country Lane.  Don't you like my tie back curtains in the windows?  I love red curtains.  I thought a skylight would be a nice update on my trailer, to let some sunshine in.  

The neighbor (DD2) has pink stone pillars at her driveway.  She's already harvested her garden so there's not much left.  I think her driveway is especially nice.  It's an old fashioned kind of driveway.  Thanks for visiting this year.  It's kind of a quiet Christmas for us on Country Lane.  


  1. Great post! What a fun Christmas tradition you have!

  2. Karen, you'll never guess who got a laptop for Christmas. I will be keeping up with you. Love the pics. I always like to see you decorate. PS I live in Geneva


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