Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Guy

As I noted in my last post, I was on my way to Roma last week. We had a fabulous time and are now trying to get rid of the jetlag. In light of this month's theme of Thankfulness I wanted to let you know about my amazing husband. I would never have had been to such interesting places or the had the wonderful life I have led without this man. He is my husband, partner, friend, soulmate. He works incredibly hard and is an awesome provider for our family.
This is not my favorite picture, but you can tell we were having fun. The first afternoon we arrived before everyone else and started exploring on our own. We got lost even WITH a map but ended up eventually finding our way to the Trevi Fountain.

It wasn't too busy that day. Over the weekend it was a crazy place. I also didn't know till later that you're suppose to throw coins over your left shoulder with your right hand and make a wish. Never did it. The wonderful thing about this place was all the nationalities that were represented and how they were taking pictures for each other even if they didn't speak the same language. It's a great place to people watch.


  1. that picture is hilarious.. I have the same big cheesy grin as daddy

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  3. EWWWW. too mushy.

    but i love daddy's smile. HA.
    you don't usually get that.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time. Here's to quickly getting over the jet lag.


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