Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble Gobble

This is how you make Thanksgiving Turkeys. You need all these ingredients, plus stiff chocolate frosting. You start with a shortbread cookie or ginger snap on the bottom. You put a Marshmallow cookie on it's end with stiff chocolate frosting.

His head is a chocolate kiss. The waddle is a red hot.

Usually we use candy corn for the feathers, but I didn't buy them early enough this year. I improvised with pecans. I think they work nicely.

This could look neater with frosting from a tip, but this is a kid project. All that matters is the fun and the tasting. My big kids still like to do this.


  1. ok now i have to make these. what happened to the candy corns?

  2. They were sold out before Halloween.


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