Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emphasis - Thankfulness

I'm contemplating that my November posts will focus on Thankfulness/Thanksgiving. Just a warning that it could get cheesy, sappy and mushy. But, there will be no shortage of decorating and recipes. I don't really care for Halloween, especially now that it's so incredibly over commercialized. The little fairies were cute last night, except for the "blood" that was pouring down their faces. Why on earth? Since when are fairies gorey? But, they all got a fist full of candy from me anyway, because I had way too much. I hope that Thanksgiving doesn't become the same. I saw an awful lot of "pilgrim" and "indian" figurines in a gift shop the other day.

So to begin my month of random thankfulness, I thought I'd start off with this couple.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being incredible parents. You've been consistent with love and discipline my entire life. You have given yourself to others without restraint or regret and you have shown Christ to countless people. What an example!


  1. Thank you, Dear One! AND we too have been gifted with you - the joy of our lives. I'll always be sorry that you weren't given any siblings, but the blessings of you are enough for any heart. You too have a heart for the Lord and we are so proud that you are willing to be used of Him. We are so incredibly blessed. We love you!

  2. Oh, I love this idea of posting about being thankful. and I love that you started with your parents.
    You are truly blessed.
    P.S. can't wait to hear all about Rome!


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