Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Since we're heading into the week of our first daughter's wedding, I thought I'd reflect a little. Here we are at our wedding in May of 1980. There were tornadoes and torrential rains all around. The wedding started 30 minutes late because no one was there yet. All the surrounding towns had no electricity. We didn't really care. Weddings weren't nearly as complicated in 1980. There was a lot less stress. But, it was by no means uneventful and without problems. I'm just praying that DD1 has as wonderful of a wedding and life together as we have had.


  1. Huge congratulations on your long and happy marriage. As a nearly 26 years married person myself, I think we are almost 'dinosaurs' in this day and age, but how lucky are we?

  2. What a wonderful wedding gift to give your daughter, the model of a long and blessed marriage.
    What a beautiful couple.
    I remember the 80's well.

  3. I think there are more of us Happily Married folks than most people think. (35 for us)
    I hope you enjoy every minute of your daughter's nuptials and I'm certain that she will enjoy wedded bliss too!


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